Editor's Notes :

Back in 1996, the idea for DwelOnIt arose from a need to point users of the Time Warner Dwellings Forum (on Compuserve) to useful information available on the internet. I was one of the section leaders of the construction forum...and the only one with the computer background to create a small web of pages for our use. Many of the online resources available today were not even on the drawing boards. What meager publications existed were often scanned graphics with blocks of text. I put together a few and keep them here on the site just as a reminder.

In today's environment when you can Google almost anything and have the information presented in PDF format, the utility of this type of site is more about filtering and convenience. I have seen the same Google results as you and selected the results which I found interesting and/or useful. I have filtered out the sites which are just a page and a phone number in favor of those that provide some sort of useful information. Your mileage may vary.

What started out as a site cobbled together using HTML codes has moved through its days as a FrontPage site and is now back to a web editor (MS Web Expression 4) plus hand coding operation. Pascal gave way to Delphi and now I work in C++. The many links are still taken from a branch of my Favorites list under IE9 through the use of several batch files and custom programs. I am getting better at CSS, but this will take time. Hope you like the new look.

As from the beginning, the main criteria for inclusion in these lists is that the referenced site should provide some valuable, relevant or interesting information to the user. Simple billboard-type web storefronts do not qualify. Sites which bombard you with ads are not welcome. I also dislike being asked for personal information or to register or to create an account with a password. I accept that many sites have fallen for the social media angle but do not support it. It's just another avenue for data mining.

Web as library, yes. Web as phone book / billboard / carnival barker, no. Go the distance.

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