Half Moon Bay and Environs

These photos will be slow to load.  I have retained as many of the original colors as practical.
If you find them to be strangely tinted, save them to disk and view them in another program.
Your system's screen colors should be set to the highest value possible for your system.  Enjoy!

Miramar 63K

Photos taken on the cliffs
above Venice State Beach.

El Granada 55K
Princeton By The Sea 52K
Pillar Point Harbor 57K
Pillar Point 53K
The Coast Range above Half Moon Bay 88K
Francis State Beach 71K
Looking Towards Miramontes Point 51K
Miramontes Point 55K
Between Gray Whale Cove and Montara State Beaches 59K

Photos taken on the cliffs
above Gray Whale Cove
State Beach.

The Valley Above Gray Whale Cove State Beach 112K
Gray Whale Cove State Beach 90K
The Road To Devil's Slide 87K
Devil's Slide 87K
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